Jennifer Fernicola Ronay
(a/k/a Fern)

Podcast and On-Camera Host and Producer.
Lawyer too.

New Jersey native.
Chicago for a few years.
Now living in sunny Los Angeles.

Podcast junkie. Lover of books, Bravo and New Jersey pizza.

Thank you for stopping by. I love connecting with people who have the same interests and passions and I love sharing your stories. Please feel free to say hi on all social media @FernRonay.




Attended Lehigh University. Majored in Accounting.
Worked for Deloitte and got my CPA.
Attended Boston College Law School. Passed the bar. Worked for a law firm in NYC

Moved to Los Angeles.

Sold rights to first and second novel to Red Adept Publishing (see Author page).

On-camera host for AfterBuzzTV (see Host page).

Podcast creator, producer, host and editor (see Podcast page).

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